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Ready for Spring?

Are as ready for spring as I am? If so here are a few things to help prepare you for the upcoming season both practically and decoratively.


Chances are you’ve been coped up indoors due to snow or you just don’t like the cold very much so you’ve had the heater going. So don’t forget to inspect the a/c unit for any exposed wires and replace the indoor filter regularly. And just before winter we got autumn which means leaves fell all over the place so be sure to check the gutters for leaf build-up as well as leaks and that it’s draining away from the foundation.

If you have a chimney chances are you probably used it quite a bit this past winter so repay the chimney for all those toasty nights by inspecting the chimney for cracks and then have the inside cleaned by a professional chimney sweep. Too much build-up can cause a fire.

If there was snow on the ground don’t forget to inspect concrete, fill cracks and then seal it not only to keep it looking nice but to help prevent bigger cracks that a filler won’t be able to repair. Check outside faucets, if you can stop the water flow with your thumb it’s most likely that the pipe is damaged within the home.

I love the smell of cut grass and if you’re like me, check the power equipment and make sure they are all ready for the summer use.


With a new season approaching some of you might feel the urge for a change to break out of the shell that was winter. An update in throw pillows is and affordable way to make the space feel like new again. Something with brighter colors and a lighter fabric like linen or cotton. Same goes for bedding, changing up your duvet or comforter can feel like you’re ready to tackle the upcoming months. Adding some colorful accessories to your home is another easy way to update your home for the spring. Put out a gorgeous table cloth to transform your space.

It’s a proven fact that having greenery around you and in your home not only improves your mood but also helps with the air quality.Use foliage to liven up a room and just trimming the bottoms and keeping them in water can keep them going for months!

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