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Kiwanas- Cuz it’s all about the kids!

So late last year, after a little prodding from my good friend Judy Frink, I joined the Kiwanas’ Club of Jacksonville, NC.  I will have to admit that I was unsure and straddling the fence for about a year, not sure how much I wanted to dig into a fund raising Club. (Who’s got time for that?!)   I’m sure many of you feel the same way I did.

Where does the money go?  Who does what with the money?  Is it staying in the community?  Is this a legit group with admirable goals?

Well after researching I realize that the Kiwanas’ Club is indeed an organization that I am proud that I have associate myself with.

100% of the proceeds raised stay in the community!  I love this!  

Underprivileged children have been the focus of the club’s fund raising benefits from the time of its inception. While an array of projects to assist children have been supported such as boy’s and girl’s state, little leagues, etc., the emphasis has been on food and clothing for underprivileged children at Christmas.  The Kiwanas’ Club also partners up with Toys for Tots every year, and makes Christmas memorable for over 2000 family members in Onslow County!  At Christmas  we got to view the permanent location that houses the Toys For Tots program and the soup kitchen, and see how much hard work goes into this every single year, in just a few short months!  It is amazing to see, and we need more help!  (No this is Not a call for recruitment, that will come later!)  So that being said, the Kiwanas Club annual Chicken Fry is the biggest Fund Raiser of the year.  So when I come around selling tickets, just know that the funds raised will go to Underprivileged children in the community.

Please Support Us!  We thank you!  The Kids thank you!


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