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7 things to help get your house ready to sell: QUICKLY and for top dollar

  • TIMELINE: Make sure you have a timeline and stick to it! Pick a strategic day that you want to list your home and work backwards from there to make sure that everything is in order when list day comes. When trying to figure out the best time to list your home, check with your realtor and find out when the market is HOT! This means, when are people looking to buy the most? Typically, this occurs in the Spring/Summer months because most people do not want to move during the holidays or school year if they can help it. Also, keep in mind the day of the week. The majority of people want to look at houses on the weekend, so getting your home on the market on a Thursday or Friday, may help attract more potential buyers. So, be strategic in picking your list date and it just may help get your home sold faster!
  • OUTSIDE OPINIONS: As much as you may not want to hear it, ask for outside opinions on your home. THIS IS HUGE!! See what your friends, family, neighbors, realtor, etc think about your home in terms of its current condition, what features they like and dislike, and your décor! Remember, you are trying to sell this home so leave your personal feelings out of the equation and think of this as more of a business transaction. While you may love that aqua blue you painted your bathroom, the majority of people will be deterred. Try to stay open minded and open to suggestion.
  • DE-CLUTTER: Keeping in line with #2, DE-CLUTTER!!!!!! If you can stand it, remove all personal photographs and keep the artwork simple. You don’t want the home to look stark and sterile BUT sometimes buyers have trouble getting past seller’s décor and personal belongings and they end up missing what the house truly has to offer. SO, keep it simple, clean lines, neutral colors and that’s it! Let the home speak for itself!
  • FRESH PAINT: Painting your home can be a great selling feature! Everyone loves the idea that they are moving into a new, clean home with a blank canvas that they can make their own. The last thing buyers want to do when they move in, are paint or touch up marks/nail holes in the walls or paint over vibrant colors. The easier you make it on a buyer, the more willing they are to make an offer. If you just don’t want to paint but you know that it really needs to be done, at least consider offering a paint allowance of some kind to help entice buyers.
  • CURB APPEAL!!! This one is HUGE! Why? Because it is the first thing a buyer sees when they pull up to your home. If they drive up and you have junk scattered all over the lawn, weeds/shrubs overgrown and crowding the home, grass growing out of control, they may actually never come inside and decide to move on to the next one. So, my advice is to make sure your lawn is neatly manicured, shrubs/trees are trimmed back and fresh mulch in the flower beds are always a great touch!!!! Also, make sure your home has been pressure washed if mildew is present, that paint isn’t chipping and that there are no obvious signs of neglect or “work” that will need to be done. Most buyers want move in ready and when they see too many things that need to be done before they can move in, it may scare them away.
  • GOOD QUALITY PICTURES: When listing your home, especially in today’s world where everything is done online and on social media, make sure to have GREAT pictures taken. Whether your realtor takes them or you hire a professional photographer, make sure they are good quality and truly showcase your home! Photos on the MLS are often what make a buyer decide to go see that home or skip it so that is why good photos are so important. I suggest multiple angles of each room, take the pictures during daylight hours with blinds and curtains left open to let in all the natural light and make sure to have the home in showroom condition (all clutter removed and personal belongings out of sight, beds made, etc).
  • PICKING THE RIGHT PRICE: The last bit of advice is to make sure your home is priced appropriately right out of the gate! If you price it too low, you could leave money on the table and if you price it too high, you may never get any showings. This is where your realtor comes in to play. They should do a CMA to see about what you home should sell for and then you can make a better educated decision on where to list your home.

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